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  • General Contracting

    General Contracting often refers to a fixed price contract format, the traditional method of contracting for construction services and the most widely used.

    Under this format, the client retains consultants to design the project and to establish the scope of the work. The contract price and terms between the client and general contractor are developed either through a bidding process or through negotiation. Under the terms of a fixed price contract, the general contractor is responsible for delivering the scope of work established by the contract documents for a fixed price.

    Tri-R Development Group has completed over $100 million dollars of work as a general contractor. A legacy that has allowed us to develop efficient schedules with our cost control expertise, while developing an experienced and competent supervisory staff.

  • Pre-construction

    The ability to influence the ultimate cost, schedule, efficiency and functionality of a project decreases exponentially as the program and design evolve.

    Early participation in the project permits Tri-R to apply its construction expertise as a full member of the project team creating the most effective solution. Our staff has a wealth of experience in the development of accurate cost estimates for a wide range of projects. This information can be used to evaluate and support design decisions while establishing the costs of a project & its alternatives. This ability encourages a creative, cooperative attitude during the design development and review process.

    Tri-R has a great deal of experience working as part of a design team to develop the best possible facility at the most reasonable cost. We have a considerable database of cost information we access to facilitate the rapid evaluation of various design alternatives.

  • Construction Management

    Tri-R Development has long been a leader in the development of the Construction Management project delivery system.

    In a Construction Management format Tri-R Development provides expert construction services acting as the agent of the Owner. Our clients typically procure our management services early in the design phase. This enables our Construction Management team to provide significant cost, schedule, construction practicality, and operational input into the design. Under Construction Management, trade contracts may be entered into sequentially. As soon as a specific part of the design is complete, bids for that trade package can be solicited and construction can commence. This overlapping of design and construction is known as ‘fast-tracking’, a process with which Construction Management is often associated.

  • Building Design & Creation

    The concept of Design & Build is well proven and has gained wide acceptance as an expedient and economical way to design and construct a broad range of facilities.

    We believe that the best results come from collaboration between the builder, the subcontractors, the manufacturers, the architect and the engineers. This Design & Build process provides an environment that encourages and maximizes this collaboration as well as establishes clear responsibility to ensure that the project performs as specified. The ability to work together as a team reduces the time required to complete the working drawings, mobilization, construction, commissioning and demobilization resulting in a shorter delivery period – without the adversarial relationship historically prevalent with the “traditional” delivery method. Since the team is responsible for the design, there is a reduced need for sizable construction contingencies to cover shortfalls in the construction documents. Under the Design & Build format, both the design and construction of a project are included in the contractor’s scope of work.

    Tri-R Development retains outside design consultants to perform the design work for such projects. This permits Tri-R to assemble a team with the best expertise available related to a particular type of work.

  • Public & Private Partnerships

    Modern and well functioning public infrastructure is critical to the quality of life that we enjoy.

    In response to fiscal initiatives, new methods of project delivery have been developed which satisfy the goals of public institutions to transfer risk, access alternate financing models and take advantage of the private sector’s ability to deliver services at a more efficient and cost effective structure. Tri-R Development is a strong supporter of public infrastructure development. We are well capitalized, have a long history of institutional construction and outstanding design-build experience. We have experience in assisting with financing projects up to approximately $60 million. Together with our industry partners, we are able to meet public infrastructure needs on a wide range of projects.