Investing in Phoenix, Arizona with ease

Westcor Properties is an opportunity for people looking to build on their future, and expand on their assets through real-estate investment. This exciting project is a Limited Partnership*, affording participants the leisure and opportunity that comes with owning in Arizona without the commonly associated hassle.

The ongoing roller coaster ride on Wall Street and sustained low interest rates have more and more people looking for alternatives to the stock market. Favourable tax laws and continued growth in Arizona are driving investment interest. In addition, property values in recent years have made investing in real estate more lucrative. Westcor’s goal is to  provide investors with properties that have dropped more in value than the real estate market average, and which have the greatest potential increase in value when the market rebounds. For example, areas that have dropped 60% in value will rebound much quicker than areas which dropped only 20%. Depreciation in the Phoenix real estate market and the abundant investment opportunities available today, provide an unprecedented window of opportunity for savvy investors.

Reasons to invest with Westcor
  • Excellent ROI with optional quarterly cash flow
  • Experienced management team with proven track record
  • Low soft costs/overhead provides strong incentive to perform
  • Enjoy the advantages of owning investment property, without the hassles of being a landlord.
  • Westcor charges an acquisition and setup fee for each project to cover research and consultant costs.

* A limited partnership allows a person to contribute to a business without being involved in the affairs of the partnership. As a limited partner, your liability to the firm or its creditors is limited to the amount you invest in the firm. To remain a limited partner, you must take no part in the management of the firm nor act on behalf of the company.